Who uses your product? 

  • Anyone can use RealSleep. We’re seeing 1 in 4 Americans suffering from poor sleep, so poor sleep does not discriminate based on age, gender, race, etc. We want to change that. That’s why we’ve launched a personalized sleep product, designed to improve each individual’s sleep needs.

How much does RealSleep cost?

  • People are spending thousands of dollars a year on sleep solutions, none of which are personalized and the vast majority of which don't even promote natural restorative rest - instead, they act as sedatives, and put the body in a state more like an induced coma than anything else.
  • Direct to consumer, RealSleep costs $49.99/month or $39.99 for subscribers, which comes out to about $1.33/day. The subscription also includes one-on-one consultations with a qualified sleep coach who can further personalize your sleep experience based on room set up, room temperature, night routines, etc.

What is sleep coaching? 

  • Our sleep coaches use cognitive-behavioral therapy which is considered the most effective agent for solving sleep issues because it teaches you a bedtime routine and techniques to remember every night. All of our sleep specialists have been trained under the Head of Brain Research at UCLA, Dr. Christopher Colwell.

What if it doesn’t work?

  • People usually experience trial and error with sleep products, but we’ve seen the majority of our users start to see improvements after just one night. But because there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to individual bodies and sleep, we offer personalized formulas for each person that are optimized through data and machine learning. We use a specialized sleep quiz to best understand your sleep routine, one-on-ones with sleep coaches, self-reported data or wearable-tracked sleep scores gather the data we need in order to meet everyone’s sleep needs. 
  • Sleep performance and routine tend to change pretty consistently based on someone’s personal life, work stress, etc. RealSleep is the only sleep solution that adjusts to fit your life and needs as they change.

Is RealSleep addictive? 

  • We know there are no physically addictive ingredients in our product. CBD is not addictive, and in fact, we’ve seen it used as a tool to help with addiction recovery. 

Are there any side effects to using RealSleep?

  • We have not had any side effects reported - not even grogginess - but that's why we added personalization so that we can alter the formula to fit each person’s body and needs in case someone needs something particular to support their sleep, in addition to the core formula . 

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