Meet RealSleep: The Best CBD Product for Restorative Sleep

Meet RealSleep: The Best CBD Product for Restorative Sleep

Sleep deprivation is a major problem for millions of people. At RealSleep, we’re on a mission to promote healthy, restorative sleep with the best CBD product for sleep on the market. 

Tossing and turning at night?

While everyone experiences poor sleep occasionally, prolonged periods of sleep deprivation can have disastrous effects on your health. At least 165 million Americans report at least one night of poor, performance-affecting sleep per week — and another 20-30 million suffer from intermittent sleep loss every year.

The result is more than crankiness or frustration. Studies have linked a lack of sleep to a laundry list of chronic diseases and conditions, including Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity and depression. In fact, the rise of short sleep duration and disorders among U.S. adults prompted the Centers for Disease Control to declare insufficient sleep a public health epidemic.

There are a host of factors that can cause you to experience poor sleep — from that big business presentation you’re due to give tomorrow morning to your newborn crying throughout the night or too big of a latte late in the afternoon. One of the biggest reasons behind why you can’t sleep may simply be anxiety.

A study by Psychiatry Research found people with anxiety were more than 5 times more likely to experience lack of sleep or other sleep disorders. Unfortunately, sleep anxiety can lead to more sleep anxiety causing a vicious cycle of sleepless nights.

Other factors that can lead to insomnia include:
  • Relationship stress
  • Family finances
  • Medical conditions or medications 
  • Travel or work schedule
  • Poor sleep habits 
  • Caffeine, nicotine, or alcohol

    According to Mayo Clinic, your risk of sleeplessness can become exacerbated if you’re a woman, over the age of 60, experience a mental health disorder or physical condition, under a lot of stress, or don’t maintain a regular schedule. All of these things can disrupt your wake-sleep cycle and result in low performance, poor moods, and long-term health effects.

    Ineffective and risky sleep aids

    The high prevalence of sleep disorders has accelerated the sleep aid market as people scramble for a sleep solution. With insomnia cases at an all-time-high, the market for sleep solutions has exploded — the space is projected to grow from $81.2 billion in 2020 to $112.7 billion by 2025.

    Yet, most OTC sleep aids are geared for people who experience only occasional sleepless nights. According to the Mayo Clinic, these aids often contain antihistamines to produce a sedative effect and can leave you feeling groggy and unwell the next day.

    Plopping down for a nightcap in the evenings can leave you with a similar effect, and can even lead to further disruption of sleep.

    Other treatments, such prescription sleep medications often carry dangerous side effects. These sleeping pills contain harmful chemicals that essentially cause your body to go into a sort of coma. If you take prescription sleeping pills, your body could become tolerant to the drug and lead you to take higher and higher doses to fall asleep. Some of these medications stay in the body, leading to dangerous or bizzare side effects such as sleep walking, falling, impaired driving, erratic behavior, or addiction — hardly leading you to the 7-8 hours of restful sleep a night you need. 

    The rise of using CBD for sleep

    Over the past few years, more and more people are ditching risky sleep aids in favor of natural, plant-based sleep solutions. As public interest in the natural benefits associated with mariijuana have grown, scientific researchers have discovered that cannabidiol, or CBD — a derivative of the hemp plant — can help alleviate sleep disorders. 

    Still, many Americans are unfamiliar with using CBD for sleep. Unlike mariujuana, CBD does not have the psychoactive properties associated with the hemp plant. Instead, by interacting with cannabinoid receptors in the brain, CBD provides a calming effect on the nervous system without the effects of feeling high, which can lead you to refreshing, quality sleep. 

    This fact removes the potential for dependence or abuse, but keeps CBD’s other benefits,  like easing anxiety or pain, soundly intact. Further, people who use CBD do not experience withdrawal. 

    As more people seek the benefits of CBD, scientific researchers are increasingly testing the plant’s effectiveness on sleep disorders. Preliminary studies have shown that CBD has helped participants fall asleep, experience increased sleep duration, and reduced levels of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. 

    There are countless CBD sleep studies currently being conducted today, but early research shows that the natural compounds contained in cannabidiol hold strong promise for people experiencing insomnia or sleep disorders.

    RealSleep: A plant-based and personalized sleep solution

    The problem with many sleep aids on the market today is that they only address a part of the problem or present a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Nearly all sleep solutions are combative in nature, relying on sedatives instead of working with your body to initiate the restful, refreshing sleep you crave.

    At RealSleep, we believe that sleep is as unique as your fingerprint. That’s why we’ve developed the first and only wholly customizable, cannabinoid-based sleep formula. Derived from the hemp plant, our plant-based sleep formula helps ease anxiety and regulate your biological clock to signal when it is time for bed.

    Our personalized sleep solution combines our proprietary blend of non-psychotropic cannabinoids with other natural compounds such as CBN and melatonin, to provide true, restorative sleep — naturally.

    Our personalized sleep solution combines our proprietary blend of non-psychotropic cannabinoids with other natural compounds such as CBN and melatonin, to provide true, restorative sleep — naturally. 

    We are the only CBD-based sleep solution that has been clinically tested to help you activate the sleep your body needs. We’ve worked with scientists and doctors from notable institutions like UCLA Medical and advisors to the National Institute of Health to understand the science of sleep and help us develop the personalization engine and ingredient mapping to custom formulate CBD sleep products for individual customers’ needs. 

    Through extensive testing, our research and product development has allowed customers to recalibrate their formulas over time. In a 14-day trial, more than 80% of RealSleep’s study participants saw significant improvement in their overall sleep scores, with significant 56% improvement in overall samples’ scores for next-day daytime function and more than 46% improvement in scores for sleep quality. We’re pioneering a new approach to sleep — one that not only adjusts to your lifestyle but promotes a long-term shift in your overall sleep experience. 

    To expand on our product benefits, RealSleep provides other features like sleep tracking and sleep coaching to help people develop smarter, healthier sleep routines over time. 

    Rest assured: RealSleep offers the best CBD product on the market for sleep and insomnia. If you’re ready to catch some ZZZs and leave sleep deprivation behind, take our personalized sleep quiz. You could be just 90 seconds away from finding your custom formula and getting real, blissful sleep tonight. 

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