As CEO and Mother of Four, Sleep is Everything. So I Combined Natural Ingredients With Data Science to Design Your Best Sleep Yet. 

By Ashley Levine, CEO of RealSleep

As an entrepreneur, not getting enough sleep is the norm and almost a right of passage. I’ve heard fellow CEOs brag about functioning off of two hours of sleep a night -- but as a mother of 4, that is not an option for me. When I don’t get a good night’s sleep, it not only affects the quality of my work, but it affects how I interact with my children. I’ve also witnessed my husband struggle with sleep issues for years, and try every over-the-counter sleep aid known to man, but nothing seemed to help him. And we’re not alone in our struggles - half the planet deals with sleep issues, across every stage of life, no matter your age, gender, race, or lifestyle.

Quality sleep is fundamental to health. And while we live in a much more health-conscious society, the majority of people still neglect their health during half of the day - while they sleep - and it has consequences far beyond how one feels the next day. In fact, poor sleep is recognized as one of the greatest threats to global health, with ties to heart attacks, obesity, dementia, diabetes, cancer, and now COVID-19.

Sleep is as unique to an individual as their fingerprint, making personalization critical to helping everyone achieve their best night's sleep. One solution is not going to work for everyone, and one solution that works for someone right now is not going to work forever as they go through life changes. In order to begin surmounting the issue of poor sleep, we need a solution that mirrors the individualism of our sleep experience, that adapts to your evolving needs and fits into your routine.

At the same time, while our culture has moved toward natural, clean products when it comes to groceries, beauty, and cleaning products, nearly all widely-used options to support sleep rely on sedatives, putting the body in a state more akin to an induced coma and prohibiting restorative, natural sleep cycles. We deserve better, and we can do better.

Bringing RealSleep to Real People for Real Results.

When I co-founded RealSleep, we set out on a mission of a personalized, holistic approach to sleep. Our team worked with world-class scientists from UCLA to truly understand the science of sleep and used botanicals found in nature as core ingredients in their clinical studies. We battle-tested hundreds of different formulas and ratios over 10,000 nights of sleep and found one, in particular, helped 80% of RealSleep’s random sample see significant improvement in their overall sleep scores. But we wanted to take it one step further and help the 20% find the perfect solution for them.

Enter our personalization engine.

We’ve used data from these clinical trials and machine learning to develop a personalization engine that maps ingredients to user responses and customizes a formula that works for them. After users take our sleep survey online, RealSleep provides 1:1 consultations with sleep coaches specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to garner a deeper understanding of the individual sleep experience, from the environment to routine, and offer specific suggestions to further optimize their sleep. Even better, your formula can be continuously refined, adapting, and evolving to meet your specific needs.

People from all walks of life deserve better sleep, whether you’re a nurse working the night shift, someone struggling with insomnia, or someone who doesn’t have the luxury of sleeping with AC or in a quiet space. Our customized approach to sleep is ensuring everyone, no matter their circumstances, gets that. And as we begin to recover from the collective sleep debt accrued in the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to treat sleep as part of our daily self-care. If we can tackle sleep, we can get one step closer to a healthier world.

Most people don’t read to the bottom of any blog post so as a thank you for reading this far, we’ll give you a discount on your first month's order. Just visit us at and use the ASH20 at check out.

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